What's that name, again?


Geronimo, Heavenly Hirani Tiger Lily and Dandelion have a bizarre connection. They are the names wacky celebrities have given their hapless children. A recent British survey looked at what famous people had called their offspring.

Here is the top 10:

1. Apple - Gwyneth Paltrow (Actress, pictured, left) and Chris Martin (Coldplay)
2. Moon Unit - Frank Zappa
3. Misty Kyd - Sharleen Spiteri (Texas)
4. Geronimo - Alex James (Blur)
5. Heavenly Hirani Tiger Lily - (Michael Hutchence and Paula Yates)
6. Dandelion - Keith Richards (Rolling Stones)
7. Dweezil - Frank Zappa
8. Elijah Bob Patricius Guggi Q - Bono (U2)
9. Zowie Bowie - David Bowie
10. Rufus Tiger - Roger Taylor (Queen)

Do you think that Dweezil and Moon Unit are upset about being on this list when they have a sister named Diva Muffin?

Jermajesty Jackson one of Jermaine Jackson's sons also deserves a top spot on this list as well as Kal-El son of Nicholas Cage. Kal-El was the birth name of Superman, the last son of Krypton.


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Gary Roberts

Sat, 01/28/2006 - 18:42
Zowie Bowie is a work of genius. Here are some more to think about. Booze Cruise (Katie Holmes and Tom) Munter and Bounty Hunter (twins that Holly Hunter, 47, is expecting)Shiny Shields (Brooke Shields' bundle of joy, to be released in Spring.Pregnant celebrities - let's hope you're reading.