Who are the worse ditherers?

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IMAGINE the scenario at the next election - 2015. No overall party has a majority – it is a hung parliament - again. The Tories have the most seats – but the Maths works out that Labour could just squeeze into power – with the help of those Lib Dems.


The Tories and their deficit reduction plan A they had implemented years earlier hadn’t worked. Current Party President Tim Farron was now Liberal leader. Labour had ditched Ed Miliband, and Dave, his brother had won back the Labour crown. Labour had won back support. They had a credible plan A+. The Lib Dems had also won back seats, and were on the up. And old Vince, well, he was putting his feet up earning from his book deals.


Although current leader Nick Clegg effectively shut the door on a potential Lib/Lab coalition under his leadership, because he effectively said that people should never trust Labour over the economy again – those from the Liberal movement who reluctantly trotted into coalition with the Tories would probably feel much more comfortable jumping into bed with Labour. And what happened to Nick Clegg in 2015? Any ones guess? European Commissioner?


Tim Farron said at the Lib Dem conference – “divorce is inevitable.” We know how he feels then?


Just imagine if the two Davids were again forced to have to rely on the Kingmakers of British Politics – the Lib Dems. Do we really want this at every election?


Coalition has proved it can be done – by and large, it has worked well, whether it be in a Party’s interest, or in the National Interest. But it should not be for one Party to hold the Ace card when it comes to forming governments. Once is fine. Twice, people could possibly stomach it, but three times would be pushing it.


This is really a plea to the UK people in 2015. Make up your minds properly and carefully next time. You’re worse than politicians at dithering!!!

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