'Who fancies a curry?' gaff

Bruce Forsyth. That entertainer/ charmer has gone and done it again.

It was reported that at a student comedy gig his show was interupted by the dreaded mobile phone. Who was it? Well as with all great comedians - the answer is to use it as part of a gag. But this time the gag horribly backfired.

He asked which persons phone was ringing and it was from a young indian girl.

He then answered the phone and mocked we will all see you later for a curry - the poor woman on the other end happened to be the young girls mother.

What a furore over nothing. Apparently members of the audience walked out in disgust! Typical students!

What I cannot understand is how something so trivial can be inflated into something so controversial?

How many of us have said to other people at some point in time lets go for a curry, or lets go for a chinese?

Has this society gone completely bonkers to think that saying that is offensive- and what is comedy if it is not satire?

I seem to believe that the BBC has banned journalists now from being able t o 'poke fun' at politicians outside at social functions. NOT A JOLLY GOOD SHOW CHAPS-

Ive always been told that as journalists we are here to make a nuisance of ourselves - and our work is 24/7 - perhaps politicians should wake up and smell the coffee - HAVE I GOT NEWS FOR YOU this is journalism.

This is the BBC protecting its own interests and forgetting the rules of journalism - and as for the BRUCE incident its political correctness taken to the extreme!

enough is enough... any one for a.....?