Who will be seeing red this week?

This week will be the most crucial for the Prime-Minister and his likely successor.

Tony Blair will step up to the podium this week in an attempt to woo back disgruntled Labour supporters and also try to offer calm to the recent storms that have been swirling around the peaks of power within his cabinet.

So, the main question political journo's will be asking is, what will Gordon be doing this week?

Will he be putting on his best suede shoes and making a pitch for the leadership? Will Prescott be hoping to cling on to the prized possession of Deputy Leader, and will any Ghosts from Labour's past re-appear and spoil the fun?

The Unions are certainly not a happy bunch at the moment - Tony has faced open criticism from all sides of his party and high profile stalkers such as Claire Short have stirred the pot making the cauldron even steamier - Drama cannot come any hotter than this, its almost as exciting as watching Paul Robinson get kidnapped by his wayward son in neighbours!

Tony has been engulfed in his own soap opera for a while now - He has faced rebellious backbench MP's , fought them off by the skin off his teeth, and has had to cope with constant media attention regarding when he will leave the keys to his successor?

In good old soap opera fashion, the climax is drawing ever nearer to this particular story line, as the Tony and Gordon show is set for a showdown this week.

Prepare to be in for a treat all you political journo's out there, the stakes are high in this award winning saga that is the Labour Party.

Don't forget the canope's and champagne!