Why The Soccer World Is Gobsmacked

Wonderkid: Theo Walcott
Seventeen-year-old wonderkid Theo Walcott's surprise selection for  the England World Cup  football squad was a "jaw dropper"  for even the most seasoned pundits. But the inclusion of  the young striker in the team has been welcomed by the media. So, what do the public think? Deborah Hobson surfed the net and found out.

 “I know we're a bit short of quality up front now, but there is no way he should be going. He has scored two good goals and that’s it.  There has to be better options or is Wenger really managing England and Erickson is just a sop?”

“Walcott, who has started just 13 Championship games and has never played in the Premiership, is 5/1 to be the England's top goal scorer. He is 20/1 to score a hat-trick at any time during Germany 2006 and 12/1 to find the net in the final in Munich. To think that he may have anything like the impact Pele had in Sweden is fantasy football. I can only think a young Sven was taking notes in his jotter watching a black and white telly. With Rooney and Owen struggling, you have to assume that he will get a run out at some point - but it's a quantum leap to assume he will have a significant impact. The last 17-year-old Sven picked turned up trumps, so fingers crossed."

“So, we have two strikers going to the World Cup - one a giant who is sh**e and one a kid with no experience - Mr Eriksson you have excelled yourself. Is this a joke?”

“The final selection of the squad however is a complete "jaw dropper". Indeed, I had to re-read the squad names to ensure that my eyes were not deceiving me, yes it really was Theo Walcott. In doing this, Eriksson has shattered one of the central criticisms of his style. Previously chastised for appearing to be too clinical and devoid of emotion, he has in his own words destroyed that notion, admitting that Walcott's selection could not be defined logically and it was based on a feeling in his stomach that he had - was he at the same hotel as Spurs this weekend?”

“People regularly ask me if Theo is as good as Le Tissier or Shearer but he’s different. The player he is most like is Henry. He has quick feet, superb awareness of people around him and good perception”.


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Wed, 05/10/2006 - 16:17
If Michael Owen and Wayne Rooney were both fit, then i would have to agree with the somewhat bold decision to pick Theo. As the experience can only be of benefit for his development. Having said this with the likelihood of Rooney playing diminishing and Michael Owen short of match fitness, Sven should have picked a more established player like Jermaine Defoe of Darren Bent (he has scored 21 goals this season), rather than Theo who has not played a single game for Arsenal let alone a match in the Premiership. Therefore i think Sven was seduced by calls from Arsene Wenger and the memories of the 17-year-old Pele tearing defences apart. But nothing can be done now so we must support the team and praise Sven for having the balls for making such an ill-advised, yet bold decision and lets dream of Theo playing a starring role in the tournament.