Why we have to fight for peace

Twitter is according to me a great invention. Rather Social Networking as a whole for that matter, and Twitter specifically. It gives us, common, young urban professionals a platform where we can know, question, debate, and shake the foundations of the very basic hypocritical, politically correct, propaganda machine...the paid media.

Without being high on grass, and listening to "We don't need no education", I guess we should question the spoon feeds that our "free, fair, and truthful" media carefully chooses for us.

Started somewhat like this. I came across this extremely shocking news, a few months back, but was never sure of whether I would publish it.

Seeing Barkha Dutt and NDTV in general, "shouting" and telling other people to stop shouting, as they are "allegedly" number one in India...(I use allegedly as it is the favourite word of our mainstream media, who dares not ever to call spade, a spade) and Rajdeep Sardesai and Sagarika Ghose asking everyone to think before going to sleep as how CNN-IBN is the best, somehow made me determined to tweet this news, which was carefully hushed and censored in India. For reasons unknown, but guessable.

Some of my friends in the Twitter world, most notably BarbarIndian graciously retweeted it.

Now, this is the response I got...from someone in the UK, motherland of modern democracy, who looks, for all practical purposes educated, and obviously trying to earn some good amount of western currency.

Now there was an instant urge to counter this man,who I would love to call a moron and anti-semitic Nazi, but won't, out of pity for his ignorance and intellectual incapability, and partly due to my merciful leonine nature in general...I was disturbed even more...these words, coming from the Communist Party of India, (and the whole World.

Communists speak the same language across the World), Pravda, Arundhati Roy and her perverted followers, NDTV, Mulayam Singh Yadav, Geelani, Osama, Sino-Pakistani media, Teachers of Calcutta Univ. JNU, AMU and other left-lib boiling pots, would have been acceptable. Sadly, it's not. 'Cause the dogmatic, brainwashed humanoids of "We don't need no education" have already overrun the World.

Some more of these startling news started to pour out, as a debate generated in Twitter.

1,  2, 3 and 4 ...are some to be mentioned...

The question that was never asked was however, wherein lies the credibility, right, balance, accountability, justice, and principles of our media, who proudly trumpet their being the fourth estate and a pillar of our society, and hush up stories, real time stories from the mass?

Leaving them to judge on their own, isn't that the bottomline of a matured democracy? Or probably they don't consider ourselves to be a matured democracy on the first place, which is even more painful to digest! And finally, isn't it ironic, that the left-liberals are on the same side of the fence with those same anti-semitic people, against whom they fought during the second world war? Like the classic dilemma of supporting the feminists against Burqa, or supporting Taliban in the name of religious rights? And who is the greater enemy? The people who attack our sovereignty from outside? Or the people who destroy it from within?


Some questions are, I guess, not to be answered...


[This is a rare serious post...please be aware of that. And no, I am not being sarcastic now. Also I am not a fanatic, and against any religious community, we had NSG commandos from all community, including Muslims fighting the Mumbai terrorists. Just that I am not politically correct and hypocritical either.]