The winner is...

Marc Wadsworth

His writing in the blog 'Deaths expose France's hidden racism' painted stark word pictures. The article had a vividness and immediacy unrivalled by the other contenders in the competition to find the best blogger on The-Latest.

Yet, as we say in the 'Blogging' advice on this site, creative writing and personal opinion is not enough. Well-researched facts can turn a work-a-day piece of journalism into something a bit special. And that's precisely how Thomas L. Blair won top prize with his gripping blog about the aftermath of the November 2007 Paris uprising by youth following the death of two of their number at the hands of the police. He tackled the story from an alternative angle from that of the so-called mainstream news media, which is precisely what The-Latest is here to do. Furthermore, Blair did not just pose problems he also suggested solutions.

Runner up was an off-beat, wacky offering titled 'Proud to be a blogaholic' by The-Latest's most prolific and dedicated blogger, Chris Gaynor, whose work has come on in leaps and bounds over the past year. Gaynor deserves his own column on a national tabloid newspaper. At his best, he is as good as the populist Jon Gaunt, of the Murdoch Sun, striking a chord which resonates with the reader.

So, while Blair will pocket  £50, Gaynor is now the proud owner of a Special Commendation. Congratulations also to the other four short-listed bloggers: Phil Simms (Sudan's teddy bear fiasco), Bjorn-Ruben Thomassen (Get out of my way please), Rebecca Williams (Jammin on the journey of life) and Yamei Xie (You'd better rob me, it's getting dark). Thanks to everyone else who took part. Keep blogging because your work has inspired me so much I intend to run the competiton again, as soon as The-Latest can afford it.