Wonders of mobile apps business

Do you think a mobile biz opportunity like building mobile apps is difficult? Then think again. I have just built my first mobile app and had it uploaded to the Apple store for just $20. You may have thought that building a mobile application for the iPhone was difficult, expensive, and just plain complicated, but the fact is, it is dead easy, and here's how the process works. 1) IT STARTS WITH AN IDEA: GET CREATIVE... If you have an idea for a mobile app, then don't just sit there lying on it, put it into action. You can either browse the itunes app store for inspiration, or, have a completely unique idea sketched out on paper from scratch. It does not take a work of art to get an idea down on paper! 2) A PLAN OF ACTION MEANS TAKING ACTION AND COULD BECOME A MOBILE BIZ OPPORTUNITY FOR YOU! This is where you sketch out your plan on paper, everything from how the app will look, to what you think customers are looking for in the app. For example, are they looking to find something quicker on their phones, than they would surfing the web? 3) GO TO A FREELANCE WEBSITE LIKE ODESK.COM AND HIRE AN APP DEVELOPER Believe you me, there are app developers ready to bite your hand off to get work for this type of thing. Here's where you have to be careful. Test the developer before you hire them. Make sure they know what they are doing, and know exactly what you require. Use SKYPE to interview them and get them on your wavelength. Simple apps can be built in a matter of hours, and provided you tell the app developer you want it uploaded to your app developer account, you could have it "ready for review" by the app team the same day! FINALLY, and I forgot to mention, to start your own mobile biz opportunity developing mobile apps, you need to open an Apple developer account, which is mandatory and will cost $99 per year. I'm afraid this is compulsory. WANT TO SEE MY FIRST MOBILE APP? JUST CLICK IMAGE BELOW TO GO TO ITUNES APP STORE How about building your first iPhone app for download in the iTunes App store?CLICK HERE